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Tiraz Birdie, Ph. D.

Hydrologic engineer with broad-based experience in ground and surface water hydraulics, specializing in numerical modeling for water supply, environmental, and geotechnical applications. Tiraz has developed models at the regional, basin, and site scales, including several Superfund sites. His models have been utilized for designing optimal wellfields and dewatering systems, delineating wellhead protection areas, determination of aquifer safe-yield, minimizing environmental impacts on wetlands, predicting migration of hazardous contaminants, formulating environmentally sound and quantitatively efficient water management policies, performing remedial investigations, and developing remedial strategies. He has extensive experience in assessing the impacts of groundwater development on coastal aquifers contaminated by encroaching seawater. Tiraz has developed and coordinated team efforts on the construction of several large-scale density-dependent solute transport models to predict the migration of seawater along the coastal regions of the United States. He is also the author of a numerical model to assess the impact of brine migration on stream-aquifers systems.

In addition to porous media, Tiraz has developed flow and contaminant transport models for fractured systems as well. He has also developed basin-scale coupled surface-groundwater simulator to analyze the impact of climatic, hydrologic, hydrogeologic, and anthropegenic forces on inter-connected hydrologic systems.

Tiraz is also experienced in analysis and optimal design of water distribution networks, and integrated groundwater-well-pump-distribution system modeling. He has developed the first integrated aquifer-well-pump-distribution system numerical model. The model is capable of simulating true wellfield operating conditions, and is useful for evaluating real world operational strategies. The model can be integrated with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems for optimization wellfield operations with the specific objective of minimizing energy consumption for extraction and transportation of water.