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Development, Management
and Protection of Water Resources

Georgia Pacific Corporation
Brunswick, GA

Developed three dimensional saltwater intrusion model extending through nine geologic units for determining the cause of unusual T-shaped chloride plume in Brunswick, Georgia. Study similar in scope to ongoing seven year multimillion dollar modeling effort by the USGS to understand the mechanism of saltwater intrusion in the area. Study identified vertical intrusion of relict seawater through a complex network of faults and solution cavities (extending 3,000 feet below ground) as the cause of contamination. Model utilized to develop various remedial strategies including installation of guardian wells, injection wells, and pressure relief wells to mitigate contamination in the area.

Harrison County Water District No. 12
Bethany, MO

Constructed groundwater model of the drift-filled pre-glacial valley underlying the service area of Harrison County Public Water Supply District No. 2 in northwest Missouri. Model utilized to determine the extent and lithologic framework of the relatively narrow buried glacial channel. Conducted 20-year time horizon simulations to determine the aquifer safe yield and to identify optimal locations of the proposed wellfield.

St Johns River Water Management District
Palatka, FL

Developed a regional multi-aquifer groundwater model spanning 19 counties in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. The model simulates complex subsurface hydrodynamics in the aquifers, which extend to depths in excess of 2,500 feet and containing groundwater of variable quality ranging from fresh to relict-seawater. The model is to be used as the primary technical tool by the District for Water Supply Needs and Sources Assessment mandated by the Florida legislature for managing water resources over a 25-year planning horizon.

Ballard & Associates
Alexandria, LA

Groundwater modeling and wellfield design project for City of Alexandria, LA to meet future water demand. City is considering competing alternatives ranging from development of $36 million wellfield to construction of $60 million surface water facility. Model developed to evaluate long-term groundwater potential and to design optimal wellfield-distribution system and operating sequence in order to minimize construction and operating costs over a thirty-year life cycle.

Jonesboro City Water & Light
Jonesboro, AK

Developed multilayer aquifer model to evaluate safe yield of the deep Wilcox aquifer in northeast Arkansas. A sixty day pump test was conducted and water levels monitored in an extensive observation network for identification and calibration of aquifer parameters critical for inducing recharge to the deep aquifer. Model results revealed interesting characteristic of deep aquifers, which are expected to experience water level declines for several decades prior to stabilizing on account of induced recharge.

Pinellas County Water Systems
Clearwater, FL

Developed a safe yield density-dependent flow and solute transport model to assist in formulating environmentally sound and quantitatively efficient water management policies under conditions of encroaching seawater.

St. Johns River Water Management District
Palatka, FL

Coordinated team effort to construct a regional-scale density-dependent flow and solute transport model for groundwater resource evaluation and saltwater intrusion analysis in Seminole County, Florida. Model provided technical basis for optimal allocation of groundwater resources from present and proposed municipal wellfields.