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Environmental Investigations

U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste
Washington, DC

Developed a composite discrete fracture-dual porosity flow and transport model at the Great Lakes Industries Superfund site in Arkansas. Model utilized for remedial investigations and for developing remedial strategies in a complex hydrogeologic setting.


Hasting Utilities
Hastings, Nebraska

Developed numerical model to establish multiple time-of-travel wellhead protection zones, in which various levels of potentially hazardous activities were restricted. Model also used to examine the process of subsurface nitrate migration in order to identify anthropogenic sources of contamination in the area.


U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste
Washington, DC

Synthesized groundwater contamination data from municipal and industrial landfill sites nationwide in support of the proposed Hazardous Waste Identification Rule and implementation of Toxicity Characteristic Rule. Validated EPA's numerical model EPACMTP which simulates multispecies transport through saturated/unsaturated media accounting for the effects of biodegradation, nonlinear retardation, and chain decay.


Freemont Utilities
Freemont, NE

Collected coal ash samples at power plant and analyzed laboratory results to estimate chemical composition of leachate from a proposed ash monofill. Results used to obtain regulatory permit for monofill, design an observation well network, and establish procedures for monitoring key water quality parameters in the observation network.


Ecology and Environment
Lancaster, NY

Developed a three-dimensional groundwater model at the Fort Devans, Massachusetts, Superfund site to enable environmental and remedial investigations in support of the Base Realignment and Closure Act. Model results enabled redevelopment actions to be implemented involving removal and disposal of underground storage tanks, asbestos, building debris, scrap metals, and solvent-saturated soils.