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Illinois Department of Transportation
Collinsville, IL

Designed and conducted a multi-site aquifer pump test involving pumpage from sand and gravel aquifer separated from overlying surficial sand deposits by interspersed layers of clay and silt. Water levels measured electronically in a monitoring network consisting of eleven observation wells specifically designed to enable determination of aquifer anisotropy. Method of data analysis accounted for delayed yield, thereby enabling determination of leakance of the silty/clay layer and other hydrogeologic flow properties within the aquifer.


Layne GeoSciences, Inc.
Mission Woods, KS

Conducted aquifer pump test involving an extensive network of monitoring wells for determining groundwater flow regime under stressed and ambient conditions at a hydrocarbon contaminated site near Storm Lake, Iowa. Pump test results used in conjunction with sparse geophysical data to evaluate aquifer parameters and characterize the primary water bearing units in the area. Water quality samples collected during the pump test were used in conjunction with water level data from monitoring network to establish flow regime in the subsurface. The synthesized data from field tests were used to develop a groundwater model, which was utilized to determine pumping strategies for maximizing production and minimizing the spread of hydrocarbons in groundwater.