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Groundwater Control

Consoer Townsend Envirodyne Engineers, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Constructed groundwater model for designing an active dewatering well system to protect road network from flooding at the intersection of three interstate highways in East St. Louis, Illinois. The 19 million gallon per day well network, with 16 active wells, was designed to maintain safe operating conditions of the roadway and associated infrastructure under 500-year flood stage conditions in the Mississippi River.

Larkin & Associates
Overland Park, KS

Developed groundwater model along the US Army Corp levee district in Kansas City for analyses and design of relief well network. Evaluated site specific geology from levee relief well records and constructed geologic maps of primary water bearing units. Model utilized for determining the optimal configuration of relief wells required to relieve uplift pressure at the Kansas City Airport runway apron at various levels of flood stage conditions.

Massman Construction Company
Kansas City, MO

Designed a combined active/passive well dewatering system to ensure geotechnical stability of a stationary riverboat facility along the banks of the Missouri River under varying flood stage conditions.