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Well Dewatering Network Design
along I-70/I-54/I-90 Corridor

Consoer Townsend Envirodyne Engineers, Inc. Chicago, IL

Constructed groundwater model for designing a dewatering well network to protect Interstate Highways I-70, I-54, and I-90 from flooding in southeast Illinois. The nineteen million gallon per day well network was designed to maintain safe operating conditions along the highways and associated infrastructure under 500-year flood stage conditions in the Mississippi River



Groundwater Permitting Model
Well Dewatering Network Design
Mississippi Embayment Modeling
Collector Well Modeling
Groundwater Uplift Pressure Analysis
Paleochannel Analysis
Estimating Wellfield Pumpage Using Water  Quality Data
Litigation Support
Automated Distribution Network Design
Saltwater Intrusion Modeling
Groundwater Transport Analysis
Expert System for Pipe Network Costing
Surficial Impacts Analysis