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MODFLOW Training and Technical Support

Dr. Birdie has 18 years experience with the USGS groundwater modeling software MODFLOW.  The models that he has developed have been used for designing optimal wellfields and dewatering systems, delineating wellhead protection areas, determination of aquifer safe-yield, minimizing environmental impacts on wetlands, predicting migration of hazardous contaminants, formulating environmentally sound and quantitatively efficient water management policies, performing remedial investigations, and developing remedial strategies. 

Dr. Birdie's expertise is available for onsite technical training of MODFLOW.  Subject areas include: 

  • Background and theory of numerical modeling
  • Model conceptualization
  • MODFLOW architecture and data sets
  • Using MODFLOW based pre and post processors
  • Developing site models from scratch
  • Reviewing model case studies
Whether your need is for training a group of professionals or providing hands-on, one-on-one guidance to an individual starting out in modeling, we can provide the necessary training and follow-up technical support for all phases of model development and application.
Ground & Surface Water Modeling
GIS Customization
Contaminant Transport Investigations
Wellfield Design
Wellhead Protection Area Delineation
Wellfield Energy Optimization
Distribution System Analysis & Design
Saltwater Intrusion Modeling
Groundwater Dewatering

MODFLOW Training and Support