Dr. Birdie has advised us in addressing questions in various hydrogeological issues over the years and has become one of our go-to resources for groundwater advisement. He has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and has produced very detailed, accurate results that have been critical in providing clear guidance for the future of our water system. He sincerely cares about City Water & Light as his client and has performed his work with integrity. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Birdie’s character and ability and would highly recommend him to others who seek an expert in hydrogeology.

Kevin Inboden, PE, Special Projects Manager – City Water & Light, Jonesboro, Arkansas

The company was very engaged and worked collaboratively with our technical team and developed a sophisticated computer model, which was utilized to make predictive simulations that were critical for making large infrastructure investment by our client. The City of Olathe was very pleased with the modeling services provided by the company, and we are very grateful to have benefitted from TBirdie Consulting’s specialized services.

Bryce Winter, PhD, PE, Project Manager – MKEC Engineering, Wichita, Kansas

TBirdie Consulting, Inc. has played a key role in dealing with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in our efforts to obtain a Class VI carbon dioxide injection permit. The company developed a methodology to assess seismic risk at our injection site and satisfy EPA’s concerns regarding the potential for causing earthquakes. TBirdie Consulting has been an invaluable partner on our (U.S. Department of Energy sponsored) CO2 sequestration project.

Lynn Watney, PhD, PG, Senior Scientific Fellow – Kansas Geological Survey, Lawrence, Kansas

My experience with Tiraz Birdie of TBirdie Consulting is that he is very honest in his technical work and business relationship with HDR. The focus of his interest is producing a very high-quality groundwater model that meets the needs and expectations of the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources. Tiraz very skillfully utilizes the most appropriate and state-of-the-art tools to accomplish many tasks that involve very large, varied, and complex data sets. Few people in our industry can match his combined technical knowledge of hydrogeology and computer software.

Larry Land, PE, Senior Professional Associate – HDR, Inc., Austin, Texas

Quad State Services has contracted with TBirdie Consulting on a number of groundwater computer modeling projects and other specialty consulting services since 2004. The company has always provided exemplary service to us and I enthusiastically recommend them to others.

Martha Silks, PG, Vice President – Quad State Services, Inc., Perry, KS

We are pleased that we partnered with TBirdie Consulting on the Ravenna project. We are confident that we can rely on the company to provide similar high-quality service in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending TBirdie Consulting for developing complex hydrologic models.

Chris Miller, PE – Miller &Associates – Kearney, Nebraska

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Tiraz Birdie possess a broad and deep technical background, a strong problem-solving skill set, and a care for the quality of his work. His motivation, excellent social skills, and reliability and responsiveness to the needs of his clients have made working with him a personally and professionally satisfying experience. He is an asset to his profession and will deliver on high expectations.

Vito Russo, Hydrologist – St Johns River Water Management District, Palatka, Florida